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The Leale Ryan brand is a reflection of the many wheel, watch designs and vehicle photography created by Leale. Leale Ryan Jackson was the creative director of XO Luxury wheels, TUFF A.T., RUFF wheels, and STATUS Alloy wheel brands from January 2012 through January 2018. Before being a wheel designer, he started right out of college, designing watches for the start-up brand OREFICI Watches in 2010.

Most of the vehicle photography shown on the vehicle gallery page were shot by Leale himself during the time working for the listed brands. All of this work was done as a separate talent and hobby practiced by Leale throughout his Journey at Goods Roads, the parent company of those listed wheel brands. Most photography content was created or managed by Leale Ryan Jackson under the alias, ROLLING BEAUTY, which was created by Leale and his marketing team at Good Roads, Inc.

Designing watches was Leale’ s first footstep into the industrial design industry and one of Leale’ s favored trades. The drawings, product shots, or customer pictures shown are all interpretations of the watch designs he created while at OREFICI watches.

Leale continues to inspire, imagine and design within these industries to better craft his skills and bring his version of creativity into this world. 

“My designs are not only conceptual and innovative but they are also functional and have design intent based on current and future inspirations. True and uniquely, innovative designs are most important for a company’s success, but also I’ve learned throughout the years that branding, marketing in conjunction with sales can be key to the best outreach and overall movement of great product. Every success bound company should focus on all these aspects.” – Leale R. Jackson


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